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Welcome to the Economas web site!
How do you say that?
It's pronounced just like "X-mas" but the "X" is replaced with the "Econo" from "Economy."
What the heck is Economas, anywho?
Economas is the sweet new secular winter holiday! It's just like X-mas without all that morbid and spooky sectarian turmoil! According to the World Census Bureau and the USDA*, it's the Fastest-Growing Holiday in the World! 
What is Economas all about?
Economas is about the true meaning of X-mas and other winter holidays; getting together with your family, eating too much, yelling a lot, performing twisted parodies of ancient pagan rituals, and, most importantly, gift giving! You know, buying stuff to stimulate the economy! After all, Boosting the Economy is the reason for the season!
More questions are answered in the FAQ
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*Not really.

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Put the ECONOmy back in christMAS!

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Boosting the Economy is the reason for the season!

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