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Economas Trees

Oh Tannenbaum, oh Tannenbaum....
Economas Tree FAQ

How do I select an Economas Tree?
Wherever you buy or steal your tree from, it (the tree) should be lush and full and healthy.  That sucker's gonna be in your house until April (admit it, lazybones) so you want it to last.
I think Artificial trees are weak. What about you?
Hey, Economas is all about love, let's not judge.  It's okay to use an artificial tree if you have allergies or are not allowed to have a real tree, as in many apartment buildings.  If you're just afraid of real trees then suck it up and get a real one this year, stop being fear's bitch!
How should I decorate my Economas tree?
Although this is really a matter of personal preference, most in polite society believe that sex toys should not be used as Economas tree ornaments.  A proper Economas tree is decked out in tons of ornaments and other decorations. Some families pass down ornaments thru the generations, others like to make or buy new ones each year.  Some folks do "theme trees." I once saw a tree decorated only with beer cans (and lights and tinsel, natch) It was actually pretty cool!  (not recommended for households with young kids)
Is there a wrong way to decorate my tree?
Yes! I say again YES!  Too few lights and little or no Tinsel, by Jingo! Every Economas tree should have tons and tons of Lights and Tinsel!  It's not a real Economas tree without Tinsel, and tons of lights!  Beware, People who don't like Tinsel are probably commies and are not to be trusted!
How much is inside an Economas tree?
Please refer to the wise and mysterious Rob at
For a few examples of Economas trees, see our Economas tree photo gallery HERE...

Here's a sweet link to learn more about Economas trees around the world: