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Tell all your friends about Economas!
Wherein all things Economas can be learned!
How do I celebrate Economas?
Economas is celebrated just like Christmas, but without that Jesus and God stuff, in other words, it's just like modern-day Christmas!
What do I need?
You should have an Economas Tree, Economas stockings, and tons of Economas candy for the kids.  You should give out oodles of Economas Presents to everyone you know! And don't forget about Santa!
This Economas thing sounds great, how can I help promote it?
Glad you asked.  First, tell everyone you know about us!  Then, check out the Official Economas Store and send your friends and neighbors Economas cards, apparel and housewears to help spread the fastest growing holiday in the world! Wear Economas shirts everywhere you go!  And please sign up for our Economas newsletter to stay on top of all the latest news!
Is Economas really the fastest growing holiday in the world?
Yes. We have proof. I swear. Think about Kwanzaa: About 30 years ago some guy made it up, and now it's HUGE!  Economas will be too, just you wait and see.
What if I'm Religious? What if I'm Jewish?
If you're a practicing Christian, Economas may not be for you, but you could use it in a tongue-in-cheek way to promote the "put Christ back in Christmas" ideal.  If you're Christian but don't go to church or really practice, just be honest with yourself, and embrace Economas, baby. If you're ethnically Jewish and don't practice, Economas may be just what you're looking for!
How, you weirdo goyem?
Buy nine Economas trees, and light one on fire each night of Hanukkah. It's just like a Menorrah, and you'll have one tree left over for Economas day! Sweet! (Check your local fire code before attempting this form of celebration). (Smell that? It's Satire. Don't actually do this, is what I'm really saying. It was just a joke. Ha ha funny and all that. Economas and all it's creators and adherents can not be held reponsible for any fire damage if you are a big enough dumb-ass to really do this, especially indoors.)
Are you trying to be offensive?
No, we really are not (except to anyone who lights trees on fire inside their house), and hope no one is offended. Have a sense of humor, and remember that Jesus died to give our Economy a little boost each winter.
Where can I learn about Economas Trees?
Please refer to our Economas Tree FAQ.
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